8 thoughts on “Mordche (Max) Gutstein Ship manifest cropped to BIL

  1. The surname looks like Ptarshus to me. I thought the first letter might be a B, but that doesn’t make sense with a T following, and there are other Ps in the document that look similar. The address looks pretty clearly to be Steine Ave. Unfortunately, I can’t find either of these in Brooklyn


  2. p.s. If I Google 529 Stone Ave in Brooklyn, it takes me to what is now called Mother Gaston Blvd. The Stone Ave library is still located there, and its web page says “At the turn of the 20th century, Brownsville was a neighborhood bursting at the seams with immigrants new to the country, eager to read and learn.” Stone is the English translation of Steine, so could it be the right address? Also, 529 would be very close to the library (581 Mother Gaston), if numbering hasn’t changed.


    • Oh, wow, Jon. I am shocked that I didn’t think of that Stone/Steine thing. Good job, and thank you! And my grandmother whose maiden name was Klein even had them put “Little” on the census one time, so I should have thought of that!!!
      I went through the Stone census pages, and there isn’t a 529, but that general vicinity is all Jewish immigrants. There is a 531, for instance. So there are many numbers except 529. And there would have been a number of apartments at 529, but none are listed. I can see where the number could be 5291 (since that was brought to my attention), but that wouldn’t be anywhere near there, obviously, and so I am thinking close to 529 Stone is the most likely place.


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