Isidore’s Suit

Here’s another photo of Isidore Scheshko looking handsome!

He looks quite different here in a suit than in his army uniform!


26 thoughts on “Isidore’s Suit

    • Amy, when he arrived in 1913, he had already been in the military in Russia. Then in 1917 he entered the U.S. Army. So when WAS this pic taken? The photo in his uniform had to be taken between 1917 and 1919 when he got married. Could this one be from before then? I’m not sure. I’m hoping Val at weighs in on this because she worked so extensively with the backgrounds of the other two photos. She can probably tell if this one was taken at the same time or not. He does have a baby face here, but he had already been through who-knows-what in Russia.

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      • I am wondering if it could have been taken in Russia, maybe in Odessa. He looks so young and when you compare with the face in the army photo he appears to be many years younger.

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      • Anything is possible. And I have seen bar mitzvah boys who were still short and babyish and others who were shaving, tall, and mannish. So he could be older or younger than we might think.

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      • You know that “anything is possible” is not what I want to hear haha. Does the dark shirt with suit look more European than American to you?

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      • LOL! Luanne, this is ME! The world’s worst observer of fashion and clothing. It looks old-fashioned to me, but then it was old fashioned! I have NO idea. Sorry!

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      • Yikes, I did forget ;)! I was thinking about all the white shirts and white colors I have seen in my photos from the same period, and that is something very European or, if American, bohemian about that look.

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      • FWIW, I think he looks about fourteen-sixteen in this photo. It looks like he has the beginnings of facial hair under his nose, but not elsewhere. He looks like a 9th grader to me.

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  1. Sorry I’m so late to this, Luanne, am just back from my blogging break. Not only is it a different backdrop but the artist’s style is different. I wish I could see more of the floor beneath the rug to see if it’s the same floor! He does look much younger in the upper photo, but experiences can do that to a person, so who knows?

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