Dina’s Birth Certificate

This post is a backtrack. I ordered and received Diana Shulman’s birth certificate. You can see that her Canadian name at birth was Dina Shulman. Her middle name Leah is not listed. According to this document, Diana was born at 533 King St. in Winnipeg. I would like to find out if this was a hospital or residence, but I can’t find the information readily available in a google search.

I need to go back and correct Moving On to the Shulmans because I spelled her name Dinah, mentioning she was born Dinah Leah Shulman. I do think her Hebrew name was Dina(h) Leah, but her legal Canadian name until she changed her name to Diana was Dina.


15 thoughts on “Dina’s Birth Certificate

  1. That’s a really beautiful birth certificate 🙂 I took a look at google maps for the address. What is marked for 533 King St appears to be 511 now or was an address with building no longer there. Is that what you found. The 511 building looks like it could have been a hospital/office/clinic of some sort at some time. A search for history on that address didn’t turn up much. Keep us posted if you learn anything on this. Sharon

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  2. I also tried to find where hospitals might have been located in 1922, but only found the King George Hospital, which was closer to the river. My guess is that she was born at home as many babies were back then.

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    • Thank you, Jose! This is a wonderful find! I hope to do it tomorrow. I’ve come down with the beginnings of a migraine and need take a nap. That is what dealing with Directv/ATT for a week will do!


    • That is a problem I started having, too! That I can’t find King Street! This is so crazy because her birth certificate is 1922, so there had to be a King Street!


    • Hi Dina! Maybe! I don’t know of any of my husband’s ancestors in Spain, but he has DNA matches all around the world. Wonderful to have an oral history going back to the 1700s!


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