The Great Depression Hits Hard

In a post about the gardener’s Aunt Eileen being born, I posted a photo of the house that Isidore and Celia Scheshko had purchased in 1925. The address was 739 Essex Street in Brooklyn and is the yellow house in the Google Maps photo. They also had Celia’s cousin Rose Goodstein Cohen, her husband Isidore Cohen, and daughter Grace boarding with them.

Now I have discovered some distressing news. I subscribed to because that was the only way I could get access to the New York newspapers. I actually was looking for other information and decided to do a quick “Scheshko” search since it is such an unusual surname. Sure enough, I discovered that the house must have been in Celia’s name–and was foreclosed on in 1931. (At least that is my reading of this article–lawyers, what say you?!)

This clipping was from the Brooklyn Times Union, but sadly it was in many newspapers.

There are other articles I might want to read, but they are locked. I would need to upgrade to the Publisher Extra subscription. Does anybody know if I can access it through another membership I have, such as Ancestry?

I was sorry to see that Celia and Isidore lost the house they must have loved and been so proud of. The American Dream gone a little sour on them.

23 thoughts on “The Great Depression Hits Hard

  1. Luanne – there is a free and very good website that has tons of newspapers all around New York State: When you are on homepage, look at the scrolling bar in the left pane, look for !!New Here!! Click on it and see about 5 pages of instructions on how to search and use the website. I printed it so I could make notes on what to put in the search bar easier. Ie type in Brooklyn ny and it shows 2000 newspapers. It’s takes getting used to. If you need help you can email me and I will help you with the search phrase. L

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    • Thank you, Linda. Amy told me about it, too! I need to learn how to do more on it, but as it is I found something that I am posting in the morning ;). Thank you so much!


  2. Oh, yes … finding disappointing news is sometimes the price of trying to learn more, but I’m always a little surprised at how much it affects me. I hope this one ends up with a happy ending.

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