Was this Charlotte’s In-law or Relative?

In the box storing pictures that must have belonged to Charlotte, I found this antique photo. Is it Charlotte’s father? It doesn’t look like the man in the photo with Charlotte here. Is it a relative of her husband Danny?

Daniel Joseph Vendola was born 9 May 1915 in Castelgrande, Italy, to John and Rose Vendola. John was born in 1890, but immigrated with his family to the United States in August 1920, settling in Greenwich, Connecticut. He was a mason in the construction industry.

I have found Rose’s naturalization record, which confirms census records that the couple had four children. Danny was oldest, and then there were three girls. Danny’s original first name was Dominiano. Rose’s name at birth was Rosa Gasperinni.

Back to the photo. Could this be John Vendola? Any ideas?

For a reference on Danny’s mug, here is a beautiful photo of Charlotte and Danny.

Could the first photo be John Vendola?

I don’t expect the identity to be too far afield from Charlotte and Danny’s immediate families because she didn’t have that quantity of photos. Also, while she was alive she gave us photocopies of the Scheshko family that she owned. If you don’t think it could be John, any other guesses?


15 thoughts on “Was this Charlotte’s In-law or Relative?

  1. Hi Luanne ~ it is so hard to tell. Is it possible to edit the post and add the two photo’s side by side to compare them more easily? That might help me, at least in seeing any connection. Whoever the first person was in the photo – its a pristine and wonderful photo…grrrrr I hate unlabeled photo’s.

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  2. It definitely isn’t her father. Could it be her father-in-law John? Maybe. There is some similarity, but not enough for me to be certain about it. Nice looking men though!

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  3. It looks like it was taken about the same sort of date as one of my paternal grandfather. He was born in 1878 and went to England in 1905, and it would have been taken between 1905 and 1910, I think, so this is probably the sort of date of your photo. In which case it was probably taken in Italy if, as you say, he went to America in 1920. Try looking up the mens fashions of the time to see when they wore those long coats and the pointy stand–up collars – that might help.

    Something I can see but only just, is that there seems to be some writing on the bottom right of it. If you look at that closely with a magnifying glass or in a graphics program, you might be able to find out the name of the photographer or studio, which should help to fix the date.

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  4. I think he looks like Rose so a relative of hers. Perhaps her father or maybe brother. The name on the photo is probably the photographer which would give a clue if you research them. You need to find out where they were in business and what years.

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    • What a startling train of thought that is. I didn’t even consider this because Charlotte was a Scheshko and not a Goodstein because I thought, why would she have a photo of a Goodstein? Rose probably got her looks directly from her mother who was Anna/Neche Leibowitz. BUT it is true that Charlotte is the one who owned the photo of the Max Goodstein family (where Celia is standing in the back row next to Rose). I don’t think it’s Rose’s father Max (he’s in the pic with her). So it is POSSIBLE it is a relative of Rose, possibly on her mother’s side or even her father’s (I guess). But if it were Celia’s brother Charlotte surely would have shared it with us as she did the group photos. I’m going to crop all these people’s faces and put them together in a post for this coming week so they can be more easily compared. Thanks for the tip!


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