Mystery Man Not Solved!

I’m posting the results of the poll about the mystery man. If you go to the link you can find the three choices for familial resemblance.


Here is the winner!

The funny thing is that while you were voting, I found a note that Charlotte had written years ago. She says she doesn’t know who the man is!

That means he couldn’t be Danny’s father because she knew him. It’s still possible that he could have been a relative in Italy, and Charlotte never made the connection.

So could he be related to the Goodstein (Anna, Rose, and Max) family in some way? It’s possible, but why would Charlotte have their photo? She was related through the Scheshkos, not the Goodsteins. But, of course, she DID have the photo of the Goodstein family which features Celia Goodstein (who became Celia Scheshko), so maybe . . . .

It’s likely we will never know.

But I do know that the following photo is Charlotte and Danny in 1946. Are they in front of the bar or behind it?

And this photo is Charlotte as a baby on horseback (ponyback?). She looks a bit like her first cousin Murray (the gardener’s dad) here.


Work is being done on the gardener’s mother’s family, but they are a tough genealogical nut to crack–and a huge family.

18 thoughts on “Mystery Man Not Solved!

    • Just probably not with this photo. My only hope would be if another photo that is identified was to surface–or if somebody who can identify him stumbles on this blog ;).


  1. Charlottes expression on the horse is priceless. I suppose that is her father behind her holding her in place? I think they are behind a photo prop bar with a fake backdrop. I sure hope you can solve the mystery man mystery 🙂

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  2. I also have some photo somewhere of people standing behind/in front of a bar—I think it’s just a photographer’s set, not real. Maybe taken at some party or something?

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  3. The Mystery Man looks so YOUNG! Maybe I’m at the age where everybody resembles Doogie Howser, but that fellow hardly looks old enough to shave, never mind sport that ‘stache. Ah, but what beautiful eyes he has. Maybe he’s an old beau? Much too handsome to toss the photo, but lost in the mists of time?

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