The Fun of Finding Old Photos

A long time ago I posted a photo of the Scheshko family in the old country (probably Odessa, but maybe Tiraspol). Every member of the family is there, including a boy whose name I don’t have, EXCEPT Malka, the oldest child. That is because she had already emigrated.

Once I realized that Malka was not in the photo, I lost all hope of ever seeing a photo of her. In the United States she became Molly Riskin after marrying Isadore Riskin. Their only child was Charlotte Riskin Vendola.

But in going through that little orange box of photos we recently found, I spotted another photo of Charlotte and her father–this time she’s an adult–and a woman who has got to be her mother, Molly Riskin (Malka Scheshko).

 Moral of that story: never lose hope.

Here’s another photo I found.

This is a photograph taken at the bar mitzvah of Eileen’s son. Charlotte is in the center of the photo, looking striking as usual. Danny to her left and to Danny’s left are their best friends, Sally and Tut.

What I would like to find out is who is seated across from them. Eileen’s son thinks that these might be friends of his parents.The gardener says that there were three men at the bar mitzvah who were some sort of cousins, but nobody who is alive today knows who they were or how they were related. Could they be the men in this photo? The gardener thinks one of the men he vaguely remembers could be named Archie The bar mitzvah happened in 1968–maybe someone someday will see this post and supply names to the faces. Friends or family, I’d love to know who they are!

Always getting a little closer to the information, but not close enough. But finding these old photos is FUN.

This is my last post until September. I plan to do more research in August. Plus it is really really hot here in Phoenix . . . .



12 thoughts on “The Fun of Finding Old Photos

  1. That’s so exciting about finding Molly! You give me hope—I did have one recent photo find which I will blog about after I get back from my break.

    Can’t help you with the second photo. Does the bar mitzvah boy not have an album? Perhaps a guest list or thank you note list somewhere?

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    • Where is my answer here?! Yikes, I guess I started one and didn’t finish. I can’t wait to hear about your new photo!
      I think that’s a great list about a guest list. Thanks, Amy!

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  2. How wonderful to find “new” photos!!

    Totally understand about the blogging. I think a lot of people are drained by summer heat. I am also directing most of my energy to book research and writing.

    Have a good time and stay cool😎

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  3. I clicked on this post because I’m doing exactly the same thing as you. All my boxes of photos have come down from the loft and, although most of them are of my own children growing up, I am finding some very old ones. I’m noticing family resemblances from my own parents to my children and grandchildren and being surprised (and happy) to see photos of my parents when they were young and obviously in love! I just wish we had talked about the photos when my mum was still alive.

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      • This is why I’m writing down as much as I can remember about life in my family before the children have memories of their own. I don’t know too much about my husband’s family history but at least the children will know what it was like for me living in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s (they begin to have their own memories in the 80s). I am enjoying it so much and it’s making me reflect on how lucky I’ve been.

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      • That is such a good idea, Anne. I gave my mother a memory book of sorts for Christmas. I hope she makes at least a little use out of it. It gives “prompts” for what to write about. My grandparents did them for all us grandkids years ago, and boy, do I treasure those books!


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